44 Stunning Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Add Class and Style to Your Garden

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Outdoor lighting ideas will enhance your outside space and ensure that friends and family feel more comfortable whilst outside. More people are beginning to use their gardens and patio areas to entertain within; therefore, every element needs to be considered. Adding any style of lighting is a necessity to ensure that the outside space is safe and secure.

Choosing the right lighting will help to enhance the area and set the overall mood. There are a vast number of different ways that outdoor lighting ideas can be used to create the perfect atmosphere and environment for your garden. No matter what you want to achieve with the lighting solutions it will be possible. Every element of the outside area can be enhanced, and there are some incredible options when it comes to outside lighting.

Whether you want lights for your pool, steps, gazebos or walls there are lights available. Outdoor wall lighting is often considered one of the most significant lighting decisions that you will need to make. These lights typically will need to enhance the area, however, also be used for safety and security. Depending on where you decide to place the lights will determine their use, and how effective they will be. Some lighting is bought purely for security purposes, and others to help enhance the area.

There are many different things which you need to consider before purchasing the lights, and if you take the time to research well you will make the right decisions. Outdoor lighting ideas are big business, and many manufacturers have designed a massive range of different styles. You need to consider where you would like the lights and the purpose that they will serve in the garden.

Many gardens today have different zones for different activities, and you need to look at the different areas within your garden. Look to see where your guests will sit, eat and socialize; you may also have a pool or barbeque area that needs to be lit. The outdoor lighting ideas that need to be in place for the pool area will be entirely different to the socializing area. You may want outdoor wall lighting in one zone, but a completely different style in another area. Lighting is often classified in three main terms, which are task, accent and security.

Each zone and area in your garden will need a different style of lighting to achieve the best results. Depending on the size of your garden and outside space will determine how many lights will need to be used. Although you want the garden well lit, if it is too bright it will be uninviting. Creating the perfect balance of lighting is a difficult task; however, once you have mastered it your garden will look incredible.

Accent lighting is ideal when you look to direct the outdoor lighting ideas to one area in the garden. Often this style of lighting is used to enhance a statue or object in the garden which you want people to notice. This style of outdoor lighting is designed to enhance the central area, and have softer lighting in the area surrounding the object.

If placed correctly, this lighting can look incredible and help bring your garden to life. Task lighting is often placed in areas where you will need to see what you are doing, and not place a strain on your eye sight. This style of lighting is often outdoor wall lighting and is extremely beneficial to areas for entertaining and cooking. This lighting will provide enough light to carry out the task, but not be too bright that it becomes annoying.

Task lighting can be placed in a huge number of different areas in the garden. Security lighting needs to be terribly practical and will ensure that you and your guests can see paths and steps clearly. It can also be placed in areas where vehicles and outside buildings are placed to keep them secure. Outdoor lighting ideas have proved to reduce crime, as criminals do not want to be seen whilst performing their tasks.

There are a huge number of different security lights available depending on the area that you want lit. Deciding on the correct outside lighting may seem like a daunting task; however, once you begin to think about the many different uses that your garden has it will become easier. You will be amazed at the difference your garden feels with the right outside lighting ideas.