Sweet And Romantic Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas 43
Sweet And Romantic Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas 43

48 Sweet And Romantic Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas

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A backyard wedding can be a refreshing and very individual way of expressing yourself on your wedding day. It is truly a reflection of the bride and groom and can be very intimate or extravagant affair.

When having a backyard wedding there are few things to consider in the planning. Is it just the ceremony, or do you plan to have the reception in the backyard as well? Here are just some ideas and tips to keep in mind for you beautiful alfresco wedding in the backyard.

When considering having a backyard wedding it is important to factor in the number of guests and the type of wedding you are planning. The size and shape of the backyard will make the difference to how many guests you can accommodate. It will also influence whether you could have a sit down dinner or cocktail reception.

Assuming your backyard is bigger enough to accommodate the number of guests you intend to invite, the next thing to consider is the theme of the event. Will this be a morning, picnic style wedding or afternoon luncheon? Will you choose to have your wedding in the late afternoon and have a cocktail or sit down formal reception? Whatever you choose you will have to hire or build some of the things you might need to make the event a special one. One of the things you may want to hire or consider building for the event is a gazebo. Getting married in a Gazebo is romantic and classic.