Awesome Tiny House Design Ideas 24
Awesome Tiny House Design Ideas 24

20+ Awesome Tiny House Design Ideas

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All the rave!

Tiny houses, small portable building made into homes, are popular. “Small spaces allow for a small budget!”, claims Vera Smith of St. Louis, Missouri. I want a small home, one that I can pay off in a few years.

Tiny houses are all the rave. HGTV (Home and Garden TV, a cable network) hosts “House Hunters” with tiny houses being showcased in several episodes. It appears that the truest “Tiny house” comes with wheels that roll on down the highway, or skids allowing for placement first, with the easy-to-move option. Personally, if I buy a house on wheels it will be a camper.

The idea of building and living in a tiny home does appeal to me. Does it appeal to you? The appeal is spreading far and wide. For a lot of reasons, the young and old are opting for more affordable home ownership.