Creative DIY Small Backyard Ideas On A Budget 43
Creative DIY Small Backyard Ideas On A Budget 43

20+ Creative DIY Small Backyard Ideas On A Budget

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Looking for some easy to follow plans for building a backyard shed? There are great plans online, but first there are a couple of groups you need to be aware of.

Before you go ahead and buy backyard storage shed plans, think about some of the organizations you have to deal with. Rules and restrictions can put a major crimp in your project hopes.

The first group you should consider is your city or county building department. Not every area is created equal when it comes to inspections and guidelines. In some areas you will need to pull a permit for your structure. It is not a good idea to plead ignorance when the code inspector finds out about your un-permitted DIY project.

Here’s a story to illustrate. A friend in South Florida constructed a small backyard shed right next to his lot line. He built it well enough to pass any inspection, but he did it without a permit. One of his neighbors reported him, and the next thing you know, the inspector showed up on his property. He had to tear it down! It turns out there is an easement issue that the homeowner was not aware of, and no argument would deter the inspector. The structure had to be removed.