30 Awesome Kitchen Concrete Countertop Ideas
30 Awesome Kitchen Concrete Countertop Ideas

30+ Awesome Kitchen Concrete Countertop Ideas

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The wondrous flexibility of concrete, which allow the user to create without limits, makes for some very exciting interior design possibilities. Now kitchens and bathrooms need not be relegated to the constraints of traditional materials like tile, Formica, granite and others. Concrete countertops give the homeowner an unlimited palette of colors and designs to set loose on the inside of the home. Whether it’s a large, easy-to-clean industrial work surface or an elegant kitchen feature, concrete countertops are the way to go.

The design flexibility that is inherent, combined with its relative affordability, give counters made of concrete a leg up on the alternatives. One can coordinate a completely unique design concept for a variety of surfaces including, but not limited to, countertops for kitchens and kitchen islands, bathrooms, tables, and work areas. Let your imagination run wild with colors too. Use a selection of colors in the same surface if you so choose. Imitate the look of other traditional materials, or come up with ideas of your own.

The focus of many a home remodel is the kitchen, so let’s express our ideas to begin with in this popular central gathering point. By letting the adaptive nature of concrete work to your advantage, you can transform a cookie-cutter kitchen into something out of a interior designer’s dream portfolio. Feel free to make your kitchen into chef’s central by adding special touches and accessories only for you. Monkey around with forms and molds before pouring the concrete so that you will be certain to have all the features you require. Use whatever color, or combination of colors, you want for your counter tops so as to complement the rest of your kitchen.

Though concrete countertops can be made to fit virtually any space, making them are not your everyday do-it-yourself projects. You might consider taking a crack at building molds and forms, but unless you are a skilled handy person with some extra time on your hands, you would be well-advised to talk to some contractors that specialize in this kind of work. Besides, the money you save on materials will allow you a little wiggle room to spend on a professional.