Totally Inspiring Attic Bedroom Designs Ideas 39
Totally Inspiring Attic Bedroom Designs Ideas 39

20+ Totally Inspiring Attic Bedroom Designs Ideas

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Let’s go over to the paint store and look at their paint chips. Choose a white tinged paint with a few drops of coral for the walls. After that we need to find a way to work in lots more coral shades wherever space permits, the floor, the wall posters, and little decorative objects. Paint remover will take the peeling paint off the old tables. Then they can be painted a dull coral..

For the bedside tables, hopefully round, you can buy some coral velvet, make a tablecloth and drape the particle board tables you can find at Home Depot for under $30.00.

A light coral shimmery fabric would be great for the windows. It would make the most of any light at all, outside light or from lamps. We’ll keep the lampshades off white, blending with the wall color.

Most important is to paint a piece of cardboard we get at the paint store with the room color. Then we take that piece of cardboard with us whenever we shop for anything for the room such as lamp shades, curtain material, or other accessories.

For window shades or venetian blinds, we’ll choose off white, blending with the wall color. For the woodwork we’ll do off white as well. Attics are usually dark and need all the help they can get.

With any money left over we’ll buy a standing lamp, one with an up light to illuminate the ceiling. The room will feel lighter and bigger. If any other money can be allotted, try to find a bright area rug in shades of orange. A small chair next to the standing lamp and a small table would add a lot. Put one or two paperbacks plus a little ceramic bowl on the table for wrapped candies.