Stylish Modern Spiral Staircase Architecture Designs Ideas 54
Stylish Modern Spiral Staircase Architecture Designs Ideas 54

30+ Stylish Modern Spiral Staircase Architecture Designs Ideas

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Spiral staircase can be your best option if you are thinking of making use of that dusty attic which is now collecting old junk. Spiral staircase takes a very little space on the floor and does not require large opening in the ceiling. They can fit in even smallest spaces, like unused closets. With a little imagination and a good spiral staircase builder, you could make it into a great room for your oldest son, or an art studio for you.

The oldest known spiral staircase was build inside of Trajan’s column, in Rome, built in the 2nd century BC by Roman Emperor Trajan, to celebrate his triumph against Dacians. It has 185 stairs, and it is still being used by tourists to climb to the top for a spectacular view of Rome.

Spiral staircases were extensively used in European old castles to reach the top of towers. They were made of local stone and their building required great knowledge of mathematics in order to be done right. Craftsmen who knew how to build them were in great demand.

Churches and cathedrals also often called for spiral staircases, in order to reach upper level or a choir gallery. They were often made of wood and extensively decorated. There are many examples of exquisite staircases in old European churches like Loretto Chapel in France.

The spiral were favourite of many famous architects, from Gaudi to Corbusier. Some interesting spiral stairs can be found inside old lighthouses or even on giant silos and storage tanks.

Modern spiral are used both inside and outside of homes or industrial spaces. Their increased current use is a consequence of the need for more space of contemporary families, like already mentioned unused attic. On the other hand, modern spaces like lofts and galleries also often use spiral, but more as an architectural feature or a modern sculpture.