Fantastic Smart Attic Kids Room Decor Ideas 46
Fantastic Smart Attic Kids Room Decor Ideas 46

30+ Fantastic Smart Attic Kids Room Decor Ideas

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In theory, tree houses are awesome for children to play in. However, did you know that tree houses can actually pose several safety issues that aren’t perfect for child’s play, especially during colder seasons? If you already own an attic inside your household that comes with enough headroom, one very smart alternative to tree houses would be to produce a play space for your children within the highest story of your house; one that they can play in all year round. With a couple of simple renovations, and possibly a lot of cleaning up, you could easily transform your current attic into something your children will end up viewing as their playroom.

The first thing you need to in order to follow through with this transformation would be to check out the existing insulation that comes in the areas that won’t be put to use in the brand new room. And then, wherever needed, make use of insulation through fiber glass, which is ideal for attics, in particular.

For places which cannot be accessed from the attic, hire professional blows with insulation made out of fiber glass, which is ideal for attics, in particular, as well. You may not know that almost thirty-five percent of the energy at home can easily be lost because of the attic. Because of this, it is ideal to ensure that insulation is at proper levels, so that your children are always comfortable.

Additionally, this will help make sure your energy bills stay as low as possible. An attic with the right insulation will also stop you from losing heat during the colder seasons and stop you from getting too much heat during the warmer seasons.