Affordable Modern Farmhouse Exterior Plans Ideas 31
Affordable Modern Farmhouse Exterior Plans Ideas 31

20+ Affordable Modern Farmhouse Exterior Plans Ideas

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We recently built a contemporary farmhouse style home. There was no lawn sod or sprinkler system for extra water. Deer are rampant in the neighborhood, so the landscaping choices are limited. We have dry periods too.

Lady Bird Johnson once said – I like it when the land speaks its own language in its own regional accent. We intended to follow her lead. The terrain was left as natural as possible – mostly oaks and native grasses.

When it came time to put in a front walk we were sure that concrete was not the material of choice. A long concrete ramp was not a good fit with our style of house. Concrete covers the ground in a very impervious way. Unless you want to have steps, concrete does not handle level changes. The ground rose and fell across the long distance between the road and front door. We needed a more organic walk that would blend with the native plants and grasses.

So, how could we create a more organic walk? We could buy the small pre-made concrete pads. Or, we could form and pour our own concrete pads in place. A path of decomposed granite was a possibility. Or, we could lay flat stones in sand or decomposed granite. Some type of stone walk seemed to be the best choice, but cost was a concern. Large flat stones are expensive and difficult to work with. I called around to get prices.