Best Wood Bed Ideas For Traditional House 45
Best Wood Bed Ideas For Traditional House 45

20+ Best Wood Bed Ideas For Traditional House

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Whether or not you believe in peak oil, the status of wood and wooden beds is assured. It might seem inconsequential, but the end of cheap oil will also mean a change in our furniture! Wooden beds have been around for a long time now, since beds have been around, in fact. Solid wood beds made from natural wood were the rule.

Recently, however, they have been made from small pieces of wood glued together to produce manufactured wood. This is then given a heavy, usually dark finish to conceal the fact that it’s not wood as we have traditionally known it. And, this is the norm- most of the beds you will find coming from major distributors will not be natural wood beds, but manufactured wood beds.

For those that don’t care too much what kind of wood their bed is made of, all this won’t mean much. However, people seeking solid wood should know that they won’t find it very easily in mainstream stores. The exception to this is pine beds, which have remained relatively cheap due to their relative softness as when compared to hardwoods like oak and maple. Some people prefer pine not just because it costs less- it also tends to be lighter in color and more warm looking than most of the other wooden beds on the market, real wood or not.

But assuming you want a bed made from solid wood and aren’t interested in a pine bed, what then? It is certainly possible to find a limited selection of solid wood beds in some stores, and you can expect to pay premium prices for these. Another option is to look into handmade wood beds custom built for you by a craftsman. Here, you have the benefit of pretty much getting the exact bed you want if you are able to explain in detail what it is you’re looking for.

It’s also good to support local craftsman from a community perspective, so this is really a win-win situation if you can afford it. It’s a good idea to at least check how much the work will cost. Keep in mind too that materials will affect the final cost- cherry wood beds may be more expensive, for instance, as cherry is a beautiful and valuable wood.