Fantastic Architecture Building Ideas To Inspire You 27
Fantastic Architecture Building Ideas To Inspire You 27

30+ Fantastic Architecture Building Ideas To Inspire You

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Organizations are just like architectural buildings a way to manage activities. Religious activities require a “church,” recreational activities require most of all space, but in general the form that is chosen for the building will shape the way in which the activity is performed.

Imagine an Olympic swimming final in a pool with a length of just 25 meters. Serious activities require a serious form, in this case 50 meters. Just as in business. But the same (serious) form might also cause friction.

Organizations also choose an architectural-kind of form to shape their activities. One of the many distinguishing mechanisms to shape activities is the choice between a centralized organization and the de-central counterpart. An operational organization is often decentralized so that the specific business is literally located close to the market where it is used. Regional shops are an example of operational organizations.

Project organizations require often a more centralized approach. A project within an organization often serves difference areas in the organization and it is more efficient to centralize this knowledge so that the project team can concentrate on one main goal with is the new development.

A competence center is an organizational construction that serves the goal of managing knowledge. In difference with a project that also requires knowledge from specific business areas, the competence center is no short term goal other than to gather knowledge and make it available to make it available for the rest of the organization.