Best Ideas For Functional Decoration Of Small Bathroom 39
Best Ideas For Functional Decoration Of Small Bathroom 39

30+ Best Ideas For Functional Decoration Of Small Bathroom

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Living in a small house has obvious disadvantages, and one of which is dealing with a limited space for the bathroom. But, that does not mean your bathroom needs to feel claustrophobic. There are many small bathroom decorating ideas that can make that deprived space look endowed.

The first step in designing your small bathroom is creating a floor plan. This is your opportunity to plan where fixtures can best be placed to take up the least amount of space; and are placed in a manner that results in a small bathroom that is functional and comfortable. You will want to choose fixtures that don’t require a lot of space for example a pedestal sink instead of a vanity.

Some small bathroom designs will use a shower, with clear glass panels without frames, instead of a bathtub, which takes less space and the glass panels will help create an illusion of more space.
The toilet should have at least 15 inches of space from the center line to the side walls, and at least 30 inches distance away from the next sanitary fixture in front.

If your taste is contemporary, you can opt for an environmental bathroom design, which will include live plants in pots, natural light, and equipment made from recycled materials. You may hire an expert decorator to coordinate with your desires for your bathroom.

Lighting will play an important part in your small bathroom decorating ideas. Avoid using fluorescent lights because they interfere with your skin tone, which can be a problem if you do your make up in the bathroom. Adding a skylight, assuming that is feasible, is very advisable because of the natural light that it provides along with its environmental advantages.