Astonishing Green Living Room Designs That Will Catch Your Eye 45
Astonishing Green Living Room Designs That Will Catch Your Eye 45

20+ Astonishing Green Living Room Designs That Will Catch Your Eye

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There are numerous going green tips out there which can be utilized to save the environment. Many of them can be found over the internet but in this article will try to shed light on some.

Saving energy is a part of green living and there is a lot we can do as far as home heating goes! For example, many of us have the habit of keeping the air conditioner switched on even while we have a blanket over us. This sounds absolutely ridiculous! In one point, we want to keep the room cool and we switch on the air conditioner just for that. Yet on the other, we cover ourselves with a blanket so that we do not feel cold! Wouldn’t it benefit the environment a great deal if we just switch off the air conditioner and not cover ourselves with a blanket?

In some instances, people live in big houses, yet there are only a few people living in the home. You can buy separate switches so that you only heat or cool certain parts of the house when you are in that area. This should effectively decrease the air conditioning needs of the house. Yet there are many people who despite this use central air conditioning that keeps the whole place cool while they may be living in only a few rooms! No doubt, we are just living in a few rooms in the house, so why not forgo central air conditioning and just keep a few rooms air conditioned by using single units! No doubt this would help the environment a great deal!

Moreover, apart from insulation, there are other ways we can design our houses that minimize our energy footprint. For example, we can use recycled materials that reduce our impact on the environment. We all know that the traditional materials like iron, aluminum, or wood are materials in short supply, and that they will never last forever, but if we only become a little environmentally conscious, we will find that there are materials that can be created from other previously used materials. For example, recycled paper can be used to make cardboard that can be used for paneling. Their texture is very similar to wood and this can replace the use of wood.

Wood however, is not really nonrenewable but we can replenish our wood stocks by farming trees. However it is materials like iron and aluminum that cannot be replaced. We know that bamboo is a very strong kind of wood and some varieties are strong enough to replace steel. Hence we now know that we can replace steel as well! Bamboo grows very fast, so this gives an indication that it can be farmed with ease.