Simple Rustic Bedroom Ideas 41
Simple Rustic Bedroom Ideas 41

20+ Simple Rustic Bedroom Ideas

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I have a daughter and son-in-law that love the rustic furniture look in their home. He is actually building a four poster bed for their bedroom with very big oak logs. He has worked in Montana at a logging place and is really interested in it. The western style is something they both like and want in their home. They want the whole rustic bedroom furniture set up in their room as well as doing their two teenager daughters rooms a similar style. They are a family interested in horses, cows, roping and all things related to the western scene. So, I have been searching the Internet for accessories that they might be interested in.

They have been looking at the Internet on several sites to give them ideas for decorating their bedroom. As there are so many choices of types of logs and products and also finishes, this takes quite a bit of time. When you are searching under rustic bedroom furniture, you come up with many sites that offer different styles and you can decide which style you are interested in. With their choice of light oak logs for their bed, they are finding options of dressers, nightstands, an armoire/wardrobe closet instead of maybe a built-in closet and perhaps a writing desk for their room. One great place they looked at was and a model number for an example of an armoire is AR281.

You can find rustic bedroom furniture made by Aspen Ridge, Bentwood Mission, Renaissance, Old Hickory, Lodgecraft and of course there are several more manufacturers. I have just listed a few. Each of these sites have reference to the many types of log and wood products, and showing the types of finishes that are available. If you are looking to enhance your whole home or just a new bedroom look, these places will take you where you want to go.

It is always exciting to make plans for remodeling your home. If you are looking to redo your bedroom with rustic bedroom furniture you will definitely find ideas in the following websites listed. A bedroom is kind of a sanctuary I think especially for parents. It can be a quiet time and relaxing time to just sit down and enjoy the peacefulness and the feel of the outdoors in your room.