Awesome Garden Tub Decor Ideas 29
Awesome Garden Tub Decor Ideas 29

30+ Awesome Garden Tub Decor Ideas

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There are many reasons for growing plants in garden containers, flower pots and planters. An obvious one is if you are growing exotic plants that can be placed outdoors in summer in a location that suits each plant, and then taken indoors or into a more shaded spot in the fall and winter. They are also very convenient for people who live in mobile homes.

People who rent their homes and tend to move around with their job can grow their own plants that can move with them. Plants grown in garden containers are portable, and to many people this is big advantage. Not only that, but you arrange your garden as you please rather than the plants being in fixed positions. Using containers and flower pots it is possible to plant a whole garden that can be rearranged to suit the flowering patterns of the plants.

No more bare patches in spring due to some plants flowering late, or in summer when the short-lived flowers die off quicker than their longer lasting or hardier cousins. You can fill in the bare patches with new pots or planters, and arrange the colors to suit your preference. You can decorate your veranda or patio with the flowers that are in season, and are not restricted to the same ones all year round.

While this all sounds like a very good reason for using nothing but pots and planters, there are certain aspects using them that have to be considered. Potted plants are totally depended on you for their water and nutrition. Their root growth is restricted and you have to know which plants are suitable for this type of environment. You should also consider the overall look of your garden and the shape and color of your pots and planters.