Magnificient Sofa Decoration To Update Your Living Room 37
Magnificient Sofa Decoration To Update Your Living Room 37

30+ Magnificient Sofa Decoration To Update Your Living Room

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Living room furniture is often used for years and years until it either falls apart or someone takes it off your hands (especially if you’re helping furnish the studio of a college student). With that in mind, it’s easy to see how you could get bored rather quickly of the same furniture, day in and day out. A living room is just that: a room to be lived in.

You play in there, you eat in there, you watch movies and TV in there-you’ve probably even taken a nap or two on your sofa. So while adding new furniture may be a bit stressful at first, the payoff will be huge when you’ve sunken into a new, plushy chair or rest your feet on a more modern coffee table. There are plenty of ways to update your living room furniture and give it a fresh, energizing and contemporary feel.

Modernizing your living room can get tricky. There are all sorts of varying styles and tastes, but sticking to some basics will help you lay out a plan that will work with any decorating theme. Even if you want like the look of an antique bazaar, go for pieces that are comfortable and simplified in the living room. Couches with wider box cushions are the most versatile, as you can fit more people on one (they’re also great for napping).

Choose colors and fabrics that are easy to clean and won’t show dirt, like navy blue or dark beige. Ottomans and loveseats that match add a nice finishing touch. These pieces help define the living room; other d├ęcor becomes an accent. Add some brightly colored throw pillow or a shaggy wool rug, but avoid buying a bright purple sofa-besides drawing too much attention, the color will become annoying later instead of eclectic like you want it to be.