Simple Nautical Lighting To Inspire Everyone 35
Simple Nautical Lighting To Inspire Everyone 35

20+ Simple Nautical Lighting To Inspire Everyone

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Whatever room of your home that you are decorating, and whether it is inside or outside, one what that you can create a great unique effect is by installing nautical lights. These lights are simple in design, they can play a role in creating a wide variety of different atmospheres and settings that will make your room or home looking stunning and unique.

Nautical lighting is using light fixtures that are inspired by the lights on ships. Generally these lights have a simple design with frosted glass and guards around them to prevent the lights from breaking if they are smashed in to. Originally, these lights would be made from brass and stainless steel to hold up to the ravages of the sea, but newer replicas can be made from aluminum or other materials.

When most people think of these lights, lights inspired from early American shipping and lighthouses pop to mind, however you can find nautical lights from any time period to use in your home to create some great effects.

Whether you are installing indoor or outdoor lighting, picking out the right type of lights fixtures will be essential to creating the atmosphere that you want. The most important thing you can do is to match the lights to the décor and the other lights fixtures around it. So, if you have some décor in your room inspired by the late 1700s but your light look more like ones used in WWI ships, you won’t have the same amount of cohesiveness in your interior design that you would if you had matched the lights to your décor.