Cute Open Plan Living Room Decorating Ideas 40
Cute Open Plan Living Room Decorating Ideas 40

20+ Cute Open Plan Living Room Decorating Ideas

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When it comes to decorating your house, you may sometimes find yourself looking around the room and wishing it was bigger. It would have more light, you could do more with it, fit more things in it – there are any number of reasons why people go for open plan living. In the end, it is entirely up to you, but the fact is that when it comes to decorating, you can’t beat an open plan arrangement for letting the maximum amount of light into every corner of your home.

An open plan arrangement is ideal for making your home as light as possible, so if you like light, go open plan and remember to decorate with maximum light in mind. This means choosing light colors. Make the walls, floor and ceiling as pale as possible, as well your main pieces of furniture. Without large amounts of dark color the area will look more open and more continuous. White and cream are excellent base colors, as you can then use any color as an accent.

Accents are important when you have a large, open space, particularly when it comes to breaking it up into distinct areas. The fact is that you will be doing different things in different parts of your open plan living area, so it is important to break it up where necessary and you can achieve this with careful use of accents and decorative objects.

For example, on a long continuous wall, place a series of framed photos or pictures in a group where you wish to create a boundary of sorts between two areas. The pictures will break up the wall into two parts, helping to create the impression of two separate areas, even though in reality there will be no boundary between the two.