Affordable Dining Room Wall Cabinet Design Ideas 23
Affordable Dining Room Wall Cabinet Design Ideas 23

20+ Affordable Dining Room Wall Cabinet Design Ideas

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Usually the China cabinetry is a piece of furniture crafted from fine wood. They are often used as dining room furniture to store dishes and other culinary utensils. Often separated into two parts, the upper one is called hutches featuring some shelves and glass panels on the doors while the lower consists of solid door cabinets as well as drawers to contain items such as the table linens and silverware.

These cabinets are indeed viable as they prevent the dishware from being scratched or chipped. You can stack your dishes on the shelves or place them on the plate stands. The cabinets can either be purchased in a single piece or being a part of a dining room furniture set along with table and chairs.

This type of dining room cabinetry is usually made of glass or wood. Glass shelves will give an illusion of floating dishes as they are blatantly see-through while the wooden ones, however, have mirrored section lines. The dark ones, usually those made from mahogany wood can somewhat look striking in contrast to the lighter background tone. The dark cherry wood is also one popular hardwood for these cabinets due to the elegance and darkening of shade with age. Other wooden materials include light cherry that gives more modern and less formal essence of style apart from the dark oak wood.

China cabinetry is never made from pine as pine is a softer wood that is vulnerable to scratches and dents. The modern styles will have some industrial and airy approach where the cabinets could be made from glass cubes in a metal frame. Generally people purchase these cabinets to enjoy the benefits of having long lasting high quality furniture. The cabinet got its name due to the function of storing dishware. Dishes meant for special occasion in China are referred to as “good china”. The dishware can only be used during important events such as large family dinners, holidays or birthdays. Most people in China are still practicing the idea of allocating special dishware for special occasions.