Comfy Cottage Style Bedroom Decor 40
Comfy Cottage Style Bedroom Decor 40

30+ Comfy Cottage Style Bedroom Decor

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The more I look into cottage style decorating, the more I come to realize that almost any decorating style can be made to fit just by adding certain colors, furniture and accessories.

For cottage style decorating seems to be more of a feeling than hard and fast rules. It evokes a feeling of simple, comfortable, relaxing surroundings where you can escape from the world around you. Where you can create a cozy, quiet haven from the stress of your everyday life and just relax and be yourself.

With no rules, you can choose to surround yourself with those things that make you happy, those things you love being around. You can choose to decorate your home with that favorite collection like tea pots or tea cups, baskets, mismatched pottery and china or birdhouses. Or, you can create a cozy, nurturing bedroom with a vintage or new quilt on the bed or a chenille bedspread with pretty, ruffled pillows and sheer or lace curtains at the window.

So what are some of the elements that make up cottage style decorating?

With cottage style decorating you want a soft, simple, light look. For this reason, lots of white accented with soft, pastel shades of green, blue, yellow, pink, aqua and lavender work best. White works well for furniture, cabinets, bead board walls, molding and trim work. Some people also like white walls, but I prefer pastel shades accented with soft white for trim, doors and cabinets.

If you like to frequent garage sales, thrift shops, flea markets and antique stores, cottage style is made for you. That is the perfect place to find vintage, distressed and well loved furniture that is one of the hallmarks of this style of decorating. Look for sturdy, well made items in lighter shades of wood like oak or pine. You can also find furniture that you can paint a soft white or pastel shade of green, blue or yellow.

When choosing accessories, all you have to remember is to choose those things that make you feel good and that you will enjoy being around. Some items that are traditionally used in cottage style decorating are fresh or silk flowers, wicker, Depression glass, silver, crystal, floral china, vintage mirrors, embroidered linens, and candles. You can also bring the outside in by using garden furniture, wicker, fresh flowers in pretty vases, birdhouses, or outdoor accessories.