Easy Modern Bathroom Designs For Small Spaces 32
Easy Modern Bathroom Designs For Small Spaces 32

30+ Easy Modern Bathroom Designs For Small Spaces

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If you are trying to design a new bathroom or cloakroom but finding you don’t have the space to have the bathroom fixtures you would really like, then don’t panic there are plenty of great solutions out there for you to choose from. First things first draw up a sketch of your bathroom with the correct measurements written down, this way it will be easier for you to see if what you want will fit in.

If you have a really small main bathroom then I would suggest that you look at cloakroom suites first as these are specifically designed for small spaces. If you have a lot of items that will need hiding away then you are able to get vanity unites with build in sinks and toilets, these are amazing for space saving, and give you a lovely clean look to the room.

Shower baths are a necessity for small bathrooms, a shower bath is any bath with a shower fitted over it. You can have any shape bath such as L shaped, P shaped or corner bath. Corner baths are both luxurious and space saving and really looks stylish in any bathroom.

To maximise the space that you have wall fixtures are essential, as free standing units will just take up that space that you don’t have. Large mirrors will reflect light and make any room look bigger. And finally the colour scheme should be light and clean, whether you will be using paint or tiles there is a great choice out there.