Cool Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas 50
Cool Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas 50

20+ Cool Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas

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Lack of space and costly rentals narrows our choice. The latest option is that of studio apartments. In fact, they are the most-sought-after things in the real estate world. One room wonder as they are called, a skilled display of color, artifact and utility furniture can make it the best place to live.

Placement of furniture is the key and if you browse through the luxury home interior designs, you will find that the best one is all about smart allocation of space. Floor space can be covered well and hence it is best to keep it bare. When friends come over, you can use the oriental rugs or the folding chairs to get the best cozy effect.

You can use the flowery tones and create a good space with yellows or even the subtle blues. Keeping the cushions minimal, you can use a lot of whites or even pinks that instantly gives the illusion of space. If there is enough daylight coming into your room, you can have the best display of furniture. A bit of compromise is surely needed and you can do that with a coffee table instead of the lavish dinner table. A smart lamp and a few candles are enough to give you illumination when you need it. Use the windowsill as a showcase to keep your trinkets.

A bed close to the window and the wall is the ideal solution. You can use the same space for lounging, writing, reading and stay happy with minimal furniture that does not clutter your room. Use interesting bedspreads to give the happy feel around your home. Use a simple drape that has a single color and alternate it with contrasting colors to make an elegant choice. Racks are also the best way you can store your clothes. A special corner has to be set for the kitchen but nothing lavish. It is good to use a have a chimney so that the room is always fresh and free of any smell.