Amazing Wine Rack Design Ideas Using Wood 34
Amazing Wine Rack Design Ideas Using Wood 34

30+ Amazing Wine Rack Design Ideas Using Wood

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Wood is a pleasing material to use for a plethora of furniture ideas, including wood wine racks. You have such options as stackable or table top racks, along with a variety of different woods. Most often people buy or use pine or redwood for their rack. Pine and redwood ha less of an aroma than cedar. Cedar can actually affect the taste of your wine due to the aroma. Maple is another option you might consider for your wine storage.

You can also buy a rack which has been made specially for commercial use. In other words, there are manufacturers that sell a number of sizes of wooden wine racks, but you might prefer to design your own. By designing your own rack you have the option of choosing the wood, size, if it can be stackable, and the number of bottles you wish to store. Wine collectors tend to pick up new bottles often. This means you might want your wood racks to be expandable.

Typical sizes for racks are 36 to 90 inches. The width can also be varied from 21 3/8 inches to 32 5/8 inches. As you determine the size and number of bottles you want your wood wine racks to have, you should also consider the different designs. For example some companies will allow for a straight edge on the corners. You could also elect for a rounded corner on your wood wine racks.

Another choice would be to router the face of the table top rack to give it a unique and custom appearance. With a router any type of rounded edge or groove can be created. Wood can also be stained or painted. It is easy to get the wine rack to fit your furniture, kitchen cabinets, or even the room you will have it in.