Cool Hanging Bamboo Lamp Designs Ideas 28
Cool Hanging Bamboo Lamp Designs Ideas 28

30+ Cool Hanging Bamboo Lamp Designs Ideas

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The idea of paper lamps adorning your home may sound a little “frat house” for your taste, but these versatile light fixtures may surprise you. As a matter of fact, once you start looking you are likely to find a style of paper lamp that fits in with just about every room in your home. They can be found in such a large variety of colors, shapes and sizes that even the pickiest designer cannot deny that they fit into more decorating schemes than a dorm room next to a bean bag chair.

These lamps can be worked into the decorating scheme of just about any room if you know where and how to use them. To save space and add a little more light to a dim corner, you can hang a cluster of two or three round rice paper lamps from the ceiling. Not only does this add an interesting and unique design to the room, but it also offers an alternative to hanging a permanent light fixture. For safety and aesthetic reasons, use a power cord the same color as your wall and hang the light fixtures behind something, like the entertainment center or a chair. It will keep anyone from tripping over the cord.

Wall sconces are another way to incorporate lamps into the design of your home. They also solve pressing space and light issues you may have because they take up no floor space and give of a soft accent light. These types of lamps are especially popular for rooms with a more earthy color scheme and design. This is especially true if you choose wall sconces where the paper is handmade – or at least looks like it is. Often these are made of rice paper or even cotton.

One of the best known and more traditional uses for these lamps is for outdoor decorating. Round bamboo paper lamps can be strung from a gazebo, trees or fences and serve a dual purpose. They offer necessary light for an outdoor evening picnic while also setting a calm, laid back mood. They can be great for adding an Asian touch or Polynesian accent to your party decorations. Just keep them away from the tiki torches!