Beautiful Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Rustic Style 41
Beautiful Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Rustic Style 41

30+ Beautiful Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Rustic Style

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If you are looking for a coffee table and want something unique, then put aside the contemporary offerings and take a look at the rustic coffee tables available. They’re a great choice for someone who wants something different in their living room, or for someone whose decor doesn’t match up well with traditional coffee tables.

But first, what is rustic style? This sort of style has a warm, earthy look to it. Some pieces in this style look weathered. Others have clean lines. Yet others incorporate the natural beauty of old gnarled tree branches into it. You’ll usually find this style characterized by the use of wood, stone, and metal to maintain a close to nature look.

While the term “rustic” may at first make you think of a log cabin or other mountain lodge, with furniture made from tree limbs and with pictures of bears or deer carved into the wood, this is only a subset of the overall style. Here, I’ll give you 3 examples of rustic style which may give you ideas for a coffee table that would suit your home well.

A great choice for country homes that want to add some rustic elements to the decor, a primitive style table is also a good choice for the table that is bound to be scratched and dinged up quickly. The weathered look common to this style will allow for most wear and tear to only add to its primitive appeal. Its charming appearance comes from its homespun look — it looks like a weathered hand crafted heirloom handed down through generations.

This warm, masculine style is one that naturally looks well suited to a log cabin and gives that feeling of being close to nature. If you see a table that fits this style, you can usually picture it in a room where the pictures and accessories contain bears or deer, and you may even find a trophy fish on the wall. A lot of cabin style furniture has the look of having been hewn and carved out from a nearby tree before being brought into the house.