Gorgeous Living Room Artwork Décor Ideas 47
Gorgeous Living Room Artwork Décor Ideas 47

30+ Gorgeous Living Room Artwork Décor Ideas

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When designing a living room, there are many ways to get inspiration for the overall color theme and design. This inspiration can come from furnishings, or even from a single favorite picture or piece of art. Regardless of whether you use the favorite picture as a main focal point for the room, it can become the overall inspiration and road map for planning the entire living room. This method of decorating can add a very personalized touch.

Analyzing the Colors in the Picture
A popular way of using a favorite picture of piece of art as the overall inspiration for a room is to determine the room’s color palette based on the colors in the artwork. If there is one prominent color used in the picture, this can be used effectively as the accent color for the entire room. Choosing two other complimentary colors from the picture, especially if one of them is a neutral shade, can also be a good way of insuring that the overall color theme for the room will match. Using the colors from pictures or artwork is generally an almost fool-proof way of choosing colors that go well together, even if you don’t personally have the knack of matching colors.

Playing Off of the Subject Matter of the Picture
You can also use the overall subject of the picture as the inspiration for the room. For example, a picture of a vineyard could be the inspiration for decorating the entire room in a Tuscan style, or a desert photo could be the basis for a Southwestern theme. Not only can the colors in the picture be used effectively when decorating the room, but you can also choose decorating accents and fabrics that pick up features from the picture. For example, a picture of flowers can be used to choose fabrics for pillows or furniture upholstery, while the overall predominant color in the picture could be used as the basis for the draperies. Creating a floral arrangement in the room that mirrors the flowers in the artwork is also a good way of taking decorating inspiration from a picture.

Using the Picture as the Room’s Focal Point
Although you can use a picture as the inspiration for the overall decorating style of a room without using the picture itself as the room’s focal point, the inspiration artwork can also be highlighted in the room for maximum effect. Especially if the picture is large, it can be placed in an area of prominence, so that the coordinated effect of the room’s furnishings matching the picture can be more visible. Even if the inspiration picture is smaller, you can create a grouping that can serve as the focal point for the room. For example, if a favorite vacation beach photo was used as the room’s inspiration, displaying it on a shelf surrounded by sea shells or other beach items, or a few other family photos can give it more visual prominence within the room.