Comfy And Smart Attic Bathroom Designs Ideas 38
Comfy And Smart Attic Bathroom Designs Ideas 38

20+ Comfy And Smart Attic Bathroom Designs Ideas

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Think of the possibilities with your own bathroom. You may already have that special accessory hidden in your basement, garage or attic, so be sure to check there first. Colorful plates make a great wall arrangement and consider old paintings or prints to bring a little sophistication to your bath. It’s wise to place them in frames with a glass enclosure to prevent moisture from getting in. Elegant lighting can be achieved by hanging a small vintage chandelier or choose another unusual light fixture for the unexpected. Have lots of fun creating and make it your own.

Ever hear the old saying, “if there’s a will, there’s a way”? I truly believe in that. Facing a challenge of finding something that will accommodate enough storage space, but can only fit in a certain area and above all else, will look good, can be daunting. Being in that position can also make you want to settle for something that is just adequate. But why settle?

Good neighbors of mine have this beautiful vanity. It makes a statement in their bathroom with its good looks, compliments the area with its large size and has ample storage space for bath necessities. How did they find their perfect piece of furniture? This vanity was originally a 1920’s chest of drawers made of solid oak. When I purchased it at an auction for $10.00, the chest of drawers had a burned area on the top surface. Rather than my husband refinish the top, my neighbors, who were in the process of adding a bathroom to their home, asked if they could use the chest of drawers for a Victorian style vanity. They purchased a sink and faucet, had a carpenter make the necessary holes to accommodate the new fixtures. Voila! Who knew recycling old furniture could look so beautiful?

So the next time you decide to decorate your bathroom, choose your paint colors and get inspired. Just remember to be creative, think out of the box and have fun doing it. You will feel great satisfaction decorating your special bathroom that is truly your own.