Gorgeous Bohemian Style Kitchen Makeover Ideas 40
Gorgeous Bohemian Style Kitchen Makeover Ideas 40

30+ Gorgeous Bohemian Style Kitchen Makeover Ideas

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Kitchen Rugs are great accessories. They have multiple functions, from adding brightness and newness to the décor, to hiding a deformed or a ruined kitchen floor. They are available in all sizes, shapes, materials and budget and hence you need not worry about what and where to look for. If you want to give a quick makeover to your kitchen, then nothing can alter the look of the kitchen faster and more efficiently than the kitchen rug. Whether an elegant European feel or bohemian feel, a modern, chic look or a gorgeous, oriental look, a kitchen rug will add the final touches to the overall décor of your kitchen, whatever it may be.

Before shopping for a kitchen rug, you must make a note of a few things so that you can buy the best possible item for your kitchen.

The Kitchen Rugs should be of a washable material or completely water proof. This is because that unlike any other carpet or rugs in the house this is the most likely to get dirty because of all the oil and grease and smoke from the kitchen and it is all but natural that fruit juice, oily gravy or water can spill on to it at any time. Hence, before looking for any other characteristics, this should be taken care of.

In case you have a very ethnic or an elaborately themed kitchen in Italian or Victorian style, then it is possible that you would want a very decorative rug to go with the theme and it is likely to be of a delicate and expensive material like wool or linen. In such cases, brush the rug regularly with a soft brush to prevent the accumulation of dirt. Then air it regularly and leave it in the sunlight weekly for natural disinfection. If at all you have to clean it, than use a very mild detergent to wash off the stain.